It all started with a love of desserts. I am called “Glikatsou” by the Greek side of my family which means “sweet tooth”. And if I have to pick two out of three courses, it is a no-brainer; bye bye starter, hello dessert! For the record, I eat a main only because it is not considered socially acceptable to eat three dessert courses.

At some point, I developed a taste for American style desserts – brownies, layer cakes, pies, cupcakes; y’know, the good stuff. At the time, good American bakes weren’t easily available in London so I looked for recipes online and baked them myself. If I heard about something that sounded too special to pass up due to being a few thousand miles and an ocean away, I baked it myself. Red velvet for example – which is now our best selling flavour!

And so I baked. I blogged. Friends asked me to bake for occasions. People at those occasions asked me if I baked professionally. I answered “no”. Eventually I started answering “yes”. One Oreo cupcake led to another and Ermioni’s Bake Shop was born.

“Are you Ermioni?” I hear you ask. Nope. My name is Vickii. Ermioni is my grandmother (Yaya). She’s Greek and by way of introduction I’ll say, have you seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Yes? Well, it is entirely accurate about Greeks and their relationship with food. She is the original domestic goddess – sorry Nigella! We always used to joke about opening up a restaurant or an ice cream shop (she makes amazing ice cream) together, so naming my baking venture after her was a natural fit. Her reaction when my mum told her about Ermioni’s was “Cakes? She wants to make cakes? Why? She has two degrees … what? She named it Ermioni’s? After me? Oh my darling girl. I will send her some of my recipes.”

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